a) do you have tube samples to test the coiling machine? I mean ; did Mr. Sujinbo send you rolls of tube for the trials and test of the coiling equipment?
—–We will using corrugated hose testing in our workshop and testing in Mr.Su factory with your pipe.
b) do you have the machine ready to be tested? please send photos of the equipment urgently just like it is now.. .I dont care is is painted or not !!!!!
——Now all painting job will finished at tomorrow afternoon. I will show to you the whole machine 6th 
c) when do you think the trials for machine acceptance could be made? let me know the days in order to book flight and to go to your company to be present in the trials.
—–We will have a test after machine running, and them we will suggest a time.

According production schedule, the machine ready for testing is 2th july.
All parts production is ready but waiting for the structure painting only.
May be you have seen from news that Chinese Gov execute stringent policy in the environmental protection.
So we was forbade to painting the machine by ourself. All painting must be done by professional painting company who got licence and environment friendly painting condition.
Therefore many company can not painting, and lot of painting company without licence.
The surviving painting company is too busy to delivery the work on time.
They guarantee we can have all painting parts 2-3days and we can finish the installation at testing immediately.
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