wire packing machine videos

The wire coil packing machine for improving the packing procession with higher automation level.

wrapping finish coil bundle Individually —- require solution ( robot or something like that)

wire packing machine videos

Finish good coil                   Wrapped by stretch film    then wrapped by jute———-Ok, it is posible wrapping by both film and jute

Below are the input for coil wrapping..

  • Dimension to packaging  the materials

Coil ID min                :  440 MM

Coil OD max              : 1250 MM       800-1250

Coil Width max         : 1100 MM—- The WIDTH:500-1000MM

Coil Weight Max       : 1500 KG


steel wire packing

  • Plastic Stretch film roll dimension : Roll ID 25MM & 80mm, Roll width 150mm & 300 mm—–The machine is possible wroks for  material width 100-120mm, And it is possible to do film and jute wrapping together at one time.
  • FG coil was available on stacker boom
  • Area of packaging  —- adequate area is available  2000 mm X 3000 mm
  • Frequency of wrapping per day  —— Per day 60 – 80 coils to be pack.

Now we need some equipment which can be wrapped coil automatically instead of manually.—- Not problem

Following some machine video for reference

#1  https://www.fhopepack.com/blog/wire-packing-machine-and-coil-wrapping-machine/

#2 https://www.fhopepack.com/blog/master-coil-wrapper/    (but price higher)

#3 https://www.fhopepack.com/videos/big-coil-wrapping-machine-for-steel-wire-pipe-coil/

If the space limited, the #1 is the right choice


automatic cable coiling and strapping machine

automatic cable coiling packing machine

automatic cable coiling and strapping machine


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Automatic-cable-winding-and-strapping-machine-min.JPG

The packing line is able calculating the cable length and cutting, cable coil winding with good shape. After cutting the champers holds the coil moves to the strapping machine, wrapping machine, shrinking machine… the next procession station is automatic pallet stacking.

As per your suggested cable coiling & packing machine it is somewhat big in size and with more stages.

Please suggest one small machine with both cable coiling with paper & Plastic wrapping is done one after other in one stage.

Kindly also send some technical details for better understanding the machine.

volteadora manual de palet | Máquina volteador de palets

Pallet inverter-C series

More information: https://www.fhopepack.com

volteadora manual de palet El equipo está compuesto por una plataforma móvil que comprime el palet. Un sistema hidráulico gira el palet sobre su centro de gravedad. La compresión de la plataforma es regulable en función del peso del palet y de la naturaleza y fragilidad del producto a voltear.

La construcción de la máquina es robusta, a prueba de golpes fortuitos y preparada para ser transportada cómodamente mediante carretilla.

La fijación del equipo en el suelo puede realizarse mediante pernos tipo spit-roc o puede dejarse suelto de forma que se desplace en caso de recibir fuertes golpes y de esta forma no se dañe la máquina.

El inversor de palets fijo en el suelo es la forma más rápida y segura de cambiar los palets, el producto no sufre deterioro debido a los sistemas de regulación, y los accesorios de protección garantizan la absoluta seguridad de los operarios.

Rotating arm tray packaging machine

R300型 半自动摇臂拉伸包装机

More information:  https://www.fhopepack.com

In the past 20 years, Fhope packaging system has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stretch packaging system, including the mechanism and application of stretch film. These systems are used in the corrugated box industry to help organize and protect corrugated board loads in dust and damage, transportation and storage handling. We produce various types and sizes of stretch film, suitable for automatic semi-automatic and automatic stretch packaging system. Our sales, equipment services, customer service and engineering departments can help you design quality protection packaging systems for your industry.

Rotating arm stretch packaging is a kind of pallet packaging machine, which distinguishes the existing mechanical arm from the “turning” pallet packaging. This type of productivity has a rotating palate (lower average productivity) and a rotating ring (higher average productivity) compared to the intermediate level. The rotating arm stretching packaging machine provides a new solution for customers who need heavy packaging or very light weight. Unstable load, one of the motors and the rotating platform may not be enough

Automatic tray stretch film winding packaging machine

More information:  https://www.fhopepack.com

The rotating arm packing machine is used to pack the stretch film around the loading tray. The membrane provides additional support when transporting and storing products. This machine is reliable and a good partner. It can operate in harsh conditions and take a long time to hard pack. In addition, the load of the package is easy, convenient and safe. Food industry, chemical industry and steel industry are available.

The swivel arm pallet packer can also be used with the integrated top dispenser ts for dust / water-proof coverage of pallets. The top cover unit integrated on the machine allows the polyethylene sheet to be automatically positioned on the load during the packaging cycle. The amount of film placed on the load can be set for each packaging program that optimizes film consumption.









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R300型 半自动摇臂拉伸包装机

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pallet inverter manufacturer in China

This pallet inverter drived by hydraulic system for exchaging the pallet load. The operation system enables to exchange or remove the pallets from bottom the pallet load.
The Pallet inverter made by Fhope has different model that is for handlind heavy pallet without forklift and do the job by manually.

Pallet inverter-A series

Envolvedora de bobinas automática

Envolvedora de bobinas

Automatic coil packaging line

La línea de empaque de bobina automática, Envolvedora de bobinas automática se puede utilizar para empaquetar bobina de cable, bobina de alambre, bobina de acero y bobina de manguera. Utilizamos diferentes tipos de transportadores para conectar la línea de empaque con la línea de producción para lograr la más alta eficiencia. No importa a través de la envoltura de stratch o el embalaje retráctil, nuestras máquinas son capaces de reducir una gran cantidad de costos de mano de obra y desperdicio de material, por eso la maquinaria tiene un rápido retorno de la inversión.
Beneficios de Envolvedora de bobinas automática la línea de envasado automático de bobinas.
1. El empaque de alta velocidad y eficiencia para diferentes tamaños de bobina ahorra energía al hombre en su operación y administración.
2., Savety operación y producción rastreable en sistema controal, sistema ERP
3. Buena protecion para productos y buena superficie del paquete.