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Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Horizontal Wrapping

Our horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is ideal for wrapping steel pipes, aluminum sections, doors, windows, and more with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Flexible Customization

Tailored solutions to accommodate various products like furniture, textiles, profiles, moldings, and more, ensuring secure packaging and easy transportation.

Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper

High Productivity

Increase productivity and reduce costs significantly with our horizontal wrapping machines, perfect for large items, stacks of products, and industrial plants.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Discover the benefits of our innovative packaging solutions designed to streamline your operations and enhance your business performance.

Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Versatile Packaging

The stretch film allows for secure wrapping of various products, providing adaptable solutions for diverse industries.

Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Cost Effective

Our machines offer a low cost of applied material, reducing operational costs while ensuring quality packaging.

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